Monday, August 01, 2016

The UK eliminates plastic bags

Last year the UK introduced a charge, effectively an environmental tax, for plastic bags, in an effort to discourage their use. So has it worked? Hell yes:

The number of single-use plastic bags used by shoppers in England has plummeted by more than 85% after the introduction of a 5p charge last October, early figures suggest.

More than 7bn bags were handed out by seven main supermarkets in the year before the charge, but this figure plummeted to slightly more than 500m in the first six months after the charge was introduced, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said.

The data is the government’s first official assessment of the impact of the charge, which was introduced to help reduce litter and protect wildlife - and the expected full-year drop of 6bn bags was hailed by ministers as a sign that it is working.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, Minister for the Environment Nick Smith rejected a similar move, on the basis of no evidence whatsoever. I really hope they'll be reconsidering that - because the evidence is that this policy works spectacularly well.