Monday, August 08, 2016

Open Government: Learning everything second-hand

Transparency International's latest newsletter has some information on the Open Government Partnership consultation process and the new Experts Advisory Panel:

  • Commissioner, Al Morrison and Principal Advisor, Amy White have been appointed to lead a newly constituted Experts Advisory Panel (EAP)
  • TINZ Chair, Suzanne Snively, and TINZ Director, Fuimaono Tuiasau, were invited on the EAP panel
They've also got dates for the workshops: Auckland on August 17, Christchurch on August 23, and Wellington on August 26. Which is good to know, but shouldn't we be hearing it directly from SSC or Engage2? There have been no announcements about either (though the EAP appointments were released under the OIA, just less interesting to me than SSC's plans for a strapped-chicken consultation).

A proper engagement process should be telling us this stuff, rather than leaving interested people to learn everything second-hand.