Monday, August 15, 2016

Open Government: Co-creation

On Friday, Engage2 launched its Open Government Partnership co-creation site, allowing people to suggest (and vote and comment on) commitments for our next OGP action plan.

The site relies on public input: people suggesting, voting, and commenting on proposals. Its already hada few. I dumped nine on there on Friday, covering the suggestions from my posts on freedom of information and corruption and public integrity, as well as proactive publication of Ministerial briefing lists, and proactive publication of treaty negotiation documents. Since then, other people have added suggestions for

It is unclear at this stage whether SSC will put their hidden agenda (around open data and Big Brother) up for comment and debate on the site, or whether they'll keep it secret to drop on us at the end of consultations. But either way, if you care about open government, you should register with the site, comment and vote on the proposals, and add a few of your own. A complete list of current proposals can be seen here.