Monday, July 20, 2020

For a Matariki holiday

Last week the Republican Movement's petition to Make Matariki a public holiday officially closed. Meanwhile, driven by a much larger ActionStation petition, Stuff has come out in support:

Today, Stuff is launching a campaign to make Matariki a public holiday from 2021.


The law says public holidays exist to observe days of “national, religious, or cultural significance”, but most of our holidays aren’t expressly Kiwi.

We’re overdue the creation of a unifying holiday that honours Aotearoa’s past and celebrates New Zealand’s future. Matariki is that holiday.

They're agnostic as to whether it should be a new holiday or replace foreign monarch's fake birthday (with which it frequently aligns), but they want it to be a holiday, and they want it to happen by next year. That's perfectly a doable legislative timetable; the question is whether the politicians are keen.