Wednesday, July 08, 2020


That's the only way to describe last night's admissions by National MP Hamish Walker and former party president Michelle Boag that they were responsible for leaking the names of Covid-19 patients to the media. How could anyone possibly think that was a good idea? But I guess I'd forgotten what a pack of egotistical narcissists and abusive arseholes the National party is.

Both of them are basicly finished. Boag resigned from the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust (previously NZ's most trusted charity), and from Nikki Kaye's campaign. Walker is likely to be de-selected this afternoon. And hopefully people will remember the complete lack of judgement displayed by both and never hire them for any position of trust ever again. But I am still appalled that this happened, appalled that Boag is such a sociopath to think that its OK to abuse the trust placed in her to solicit private medical information for the purposes of leaking it, appalled that Walker would then shop it round to try and cover up his own racism, and appalled that Muller ran a party where they could both think that was OK. Because this isn't just a problem of two individuals - its a problem of a lack of moral leadership in the National Party (and that's been lacking for a while).

Hopefully this has just cost National any chance of election victory. Because who would trust a party to run a country if they do things like this?