Monday, July 20, 2020

So much for "kindness"


Over the weekend, National leader Judith Collins announced that her party would bill exiled kiwis $3,000 to return to their own country if elected. Its a cruel and vicious policy of questionable legality which entrenches socioeconomic barriers and sends a clear message that poor kiwis are not welcome home. So naturally, Labour fell all over themselves to say "me too".

And then Labour wonders why people have such contempt for them. 46 MPs and not a backbone or shred of decency among them. Because if it goes further than charging people who voluntarily leave now to take a holiday in a plague-pit - something we really don't want people to be doing - this is simply indecent and immoral. These people are kiwis. This is their home. They have a right to return. It is that simple.

(And reminder: if you are a kiwi overseas, you can enrol and vote. If you don't want the government to treat you like this, then vote for one which won't.)