Thursday, July 09, 2020

Labour lied about control orders

Remember the government's tyrannical Terrorism Suppression (Control Orders) Bill? Remember how it was rammed through Parliament, with a four-day submission period and a select committee process that was a democratic fraud? At the time, the government gave the impression that there was an urgent need for this legislation, that a horde of kiwi terrorists were about to return from the Syria, and so they needed the law passed immediately to deal with that threat. But it turns out that it wasn't. In a response to an OIA request, the Police said that the law has never been used, that this was "not unexpected" and that they expect the number of orders "will be low, and possibly zero, for the forseeable future". In other words, we were had. The government lied to us and abused the democratic process. Again. And by doing so, they did more to undermine our democracy and our way of life than any terrorist ever has or could.