Monday, June 05, 2006


The teaser from Russell Brown's Wide Area News column in this week's Listener:

Why did it take a Palmerston North blogger to draw attention to Rodney Hide’s absences from Parliament?

To which I'd like to say that I hate Palmerston North, and prefer to think of myself as a Wellington blogger who just happens to live here.

For the curious, the original post is here, and the parody memos and Tui referred to are here, here, and here. And if you're wondering how I can make a trip to the National Archives sound like "a weekend leer-up in Courtenay Place", see here.

As for Rodney, he's still dancing, despite a clear lack of talent. But with Heather Roy back from basic training, ACT should be able to vote in future. If they want to prevent this happening again, perhaps they should lobby for a change in Standing Orders to allow small parties as well as independents to have their proxy exercised by another?