Tuesday, March 11, 2003

This article by New Zealand First MP - Ron Mark appeared in Saturday's Christchurch Press. It really illustrates how opposition to a war with Iraq is not restricted to the usual suspects of the anti American left. Ron Mark is usually a hawk when it comes to defence and NZ First is ideologically quite far removed from the Greens and even Labour. It also shows how adept NZ First are at keeping their finger on the pulse of the NZ voter.

Meanwhile, the situation in Iraq grows more complex.The Kurds are mobilising to fight the Turks should they enter Northern Iraq. As if the Turks didn't have enough on their mind. Talks on the future of Cyprus have broken down and it now appears certain that the Greek southern half of Cyprus will join the EU without the northern Turkish half. In the past Turkey has threatened to annex northern Cyprus should this happen....more recently they have tried to gain favour with Europe by urging the Turkish Cypriots to make a deal with the Greeks...these efforts appear to have failed. Where does this leave Turkey? One to watch I think.