Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Candidate Survey: Twenty-Fourth Response

From Kelvyn Alp, Manurewa candidate for the New Zealand Direct Democracy Party:

If you could ensure the passage of one act on one issue in the next Parliament, what would it be?

It would be Binding Citizens Initiated Referendum.

Reason: It is easy for a few politicians to be compromised by vested interests when contemplating major legislative changes, however, it is very difficult to compromise a nation in the same manner; therefore any major legislative changes made would naturally reflect the combined will of the people. What three other electoral candidates or sitting MPs do you think are most similar to you in their political views?

All Direct Democracy candidates are of similar political views as I; this is the very reason we have combined to present a real alternative and not just another off-shoot of another Party.

MMP is about coalitions: What sitting MP who is NOT in your party do you think is most similar to you in their political views?

MMP was never meant to be about the focus of coalitions, the point of MMP was for everyone’s views to be represented before any legislative changes were made, however this has been hijacked by main parties fragmenting and then coming back together after the election.

The person most similar to the Direct Democracy Party political view would likely be Winston Peters.

Do you support or oppose:

...raising the drinking age?

I personally oppose raising the drinking age and believe that if the politicians had of listened to the people before doing what they wanted regardless; we would not have the problem we now face.

The problem is not in the age limit of 18, it is the lack of education of those 18+ year olds in self-discipline combined with the fact that there are serious consequences for adverse results when drinking.

However, such a major social issue should be decided by binding referenda as after all is it not society that suffers any ill-effects.

...legalising marijuana (or pharmaceuticals based on it) for medical use?

Yes, where medical use has been scientifically determined to be of medical benefit to the user.

...decriminalising or legalising marijuana for recreational use?

A clear line must be drawn between beneficial medicinal/remedial use and that of recreational use. I feel there must be open and thorough research undertaken to provide all of the evidence in which to determine the appropriate course of action.

All evidence and facts on which to make an informed decision should be presented to the public via binding referenda; after all it is the people that must ultimately live with the outcome of any decision made.

...allowing same-sex couples to adopt children?

The role of the State is to ultimately protect and serve the people, not to control and dictate; therefore as the happiness of all those concerned is the primary focus, there is no viable reason with the appropriate safeguards in place, why same-sex couples would be prevented from adopting children.

...amending the Marriage Act to allow same-sex couples to marry?

Again the role of the State is to ultimately protect and serve the people, not to control and dictate; therefore as the happiness of all those concerned is the primary focus, there is no viable reason (outside of society’s current moral boundaries) why same-sex couples should not have the right to a happy and fulfilled life.

Of course my own opinion dictates that until society can deal with the reality of what it will bring, I am personally against it.

...allowing voluntary euthanasia or physician assisted suicide?

Yes; where there is no hope for a quality of life for the patient, and assisted suicide by a qualified Doctor would end any longstanding suffering, then I am in favour of such a practice.

There would have to be checks and balances in place to ensure that such is the will of the patient, or would be, should they be able to communicate such.

...state funding of integrated schools?

Yes, however this would be better answered by creating a publicly funded education system that is the best possible, its time to fix the problems in this area so there would not be a need for private schools, unless said private schools were dealing in specific areas of education not covered by the public school system.

...the retention of sedition as a crime in the Crimes Act?

No, such an Act has only ever served to hinder many truths being told and should be abolished.

...the retention of blasphemous libel as a crime in the Crimes Act?

No, the origins of the Act itself is limited to Christians and said to be a common law offence. The ancillary powers to seize any material in violations of it are what the Acts confers.

Ones indoctrination to an interpretation of faith can not hold others in abeyance of it and therefore the Freedom of expression in all areas of our lives is paramount.

...further restrictions on hate speech?

No, unless such speech is specifically designed to knowingly insight a violation against any person or property. Free speech shall always be maintained.

...the use of indefinite detention without trial for those subject to a security risk certificate?

No, there is no transparency in this at all; too often it is justified by so-called evidence that can not be disclosed due to the laughable ‘National Security’ diatribe.

Unless there is factual evidence that a suspect is in fact a danger to this Country, they should be no detention. If there is suspicion, then let a Jury decide based on all of the facts and evidence presentable.

...restoring the death penalty for serious crime?

Yes, I would lean toward the re-introduction of the death penalty for proven cases against vicious rapes, serious child abuse and premeditated murder primarily. - The problem we have is simple, what if we get it wrong just once?

This would have to be beyond ALL doubt.

...Georgina Beyer's Human Rights (Gender Identity) Amendment Bill?

The right to choose is paramount. Every man Woman or Child has rights should be held inviolate.

...Gordon Copeland's New Zealand Bill of Rights (Private Property Rights) Amendment Bill?

Property rights are a common-law right; however Government and have usurped this from us yet tell us they are protected - yeah right, tell the people whose houses are bulldoze for some ‘works act’ that they are protected; the action proves beyond doubt that they are not.

Legislation can not be made to transgress these rights if they were protected, yet we have land access issues, so where are those rights again?

...entrenching the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act as supreme law?

No, this Country needs an all encompassing ‘Constitution of New Zealand’ that enshrines and protects the rights and freedoms of all people and limits the Governments power to interfere; and such should be decided by the people that would ultimately have to live under it.

...New Zealand's participation in the International Criminal Court?

No, the International Court is a joke that relies on the integrity of governments; therefore it will never accomplish its intended purposes. As with many other similar organisations, only those that feel they will benefit from its use will ever appropriately participate.

...lowering MMP's threshold from the present 5%?

Although we must work with what we have, my personal opinion (and vision) would be to rid this Country of party politics for good, have say 80 electorates only and each person voted in must work for the betterment of the electorate. Those elected can decide who takes on what portfolio responsibilities, but the people would elect the Prime Minister and the Deputy from those people.

We dare to dream.

With the benefit of hindsight, how should the government have handled the Ahmed Zaoui case?

The Government should have either proven the case against him immediately, or if he was deemed undesirable for entry into New Zealand, put him on the next plane out of the Country. - The common law was once again violated in this instance and is becoming an all too familiar an occurrence.

As usual, Kelvyn's opinions are his own, and do not necessarily represent those of the Direct Democracy Party.


As Samuel Johnson said, 'Language is the dress of thought.'

Posted by David Cauchi : 7/27/2005 10:08:00 AM

insight != incite

[delete this comment]

Posted by Anonymous : 7/27/2005 02:55:00 PM

Kelvyn neglected to mention a few things:

1 - That he's also the head of the Direct Democracy Party.

2 - That last year, he made the news by forming a militia who's express purpose was the overthrow of the government.

3 - That prominent neo-Nazi Kyle Chapman, the former head of the New Zealand National Front is also a part of the Direct Democracy Party.

Posted by Asher : 7/27/2005 04:42:00 PM

Asher is correct, Kelvyn Alp is indeed Leader of the Direct Democracy Party.

However any militia he may or may not have been involved in was certainly NOT formed last year, so Asher should really check facts.

Kyle Chapman has indeed joined Direct Democracy due to the fact that he realised the only real answers are with that Party. Neo-Nazi he is NOT and it is typically this type of utter bullshit that people like Asher post that highlights the level of thier stupidity.

Just the facts Asher, just the fact!!

Posted by Anonymous : 7/27/2005 05:08:00 PM

Apologies on getting my dates wrong, I was going off the top of my head, rather than looking through my records for the exact timing. Still, I note that anonymous, in addition to not having the guts to put his name to the post, didn't deny the existance of the militia.

As for Kyle's nazi credentials, I'm not going to waste my time typing up something new, when Fight Dem Back! says it so damn well. Oh, and in the spirit of full disclosure (unlike our anonymous friend, I believe this is important), I will make clear that I am the Aotearoa/New Zealand rep for FDB and one of it's founders.

There's too much stuff for me to copy/paste here, but see for the full story on Kyle's past.

Personally, I wouldn't vote for a party that has a candidate who committed arson on a Marae and planted a (fake) bomb at a about you?

Posted by Asher : 7/28/2005 01:25:00 PM

Also see:

I guess running for parliament could be considered some form of therapy.

Posted by Rich : 7/28/2005 03:38:00 PM

It is very interesting to note that so many like “rich” selectively choose highlight a one sided version of a set of events, yet do the readers a disservice by not allowing all sides of the debate to be brought to the fore so the reader is able to make an informed choice.

Why did you not post this link for people “rich”?

Now “asher” would you please for the sake of the avid reader, provide the evidence based on fact (and NOT of media interpretation and spin) that proves that I myself have set up a “militia”?

You see “asher” as hard as it may be for you to find anything to impress people with, based on your investigative genius, I would suggest any information you get actually comes from me. If you are going to write your “blogs” about me, may I suggest you come and interview me at my home, this way you will know what not many others have bothered to find out?

Just contact me through my e-mail that follows this post, and I will be happy to speak with you, or anyone else that wants to seek clarity on any matter of concern.

Kyle Chapman does indeed have a past and we hope that people can move on from those things. I myself have a past as do we all, yet my past has been the speculation of many and all because they can not stand the fact that there is something they do not know.

The Direct Democracy Party does not condone any type of racism. We have Chinese, Indian, Cook Islands and a mix of European candidates; certainly not what I would call an “exclusive” supremacist party is it?

The fact of the matter, is things need to change in this country, and unless we come together to change these things, we will certainly never do it apart. As I said my invitation to you is open and my details follow. Thank you for your time.

Kelvyn Alp
Party Leader
Direct Democracy Party of New Zealand

Phone: (09) 267-3928
Mobile: (027) 286-8789

Posted by Anonymous : 7/29/2005 09:32:00 PM

Sorry Kelvyn, I won't be coming to visit you, as I live in Wellington and don't really feel the need to waste 8+ hours travelling up north. Do you still live with your mother like you did when TV One came to interview you? Or have you finally moved out on your own?

1. An army composed of ordinary citizens rather than professional soldiers.

Well, Kelvyn, lets take a look at the group you headed - the New Zealand Armed Intervention Force (NZAIF). Sure sounds like a militia's name, doesn't it. Here's a few points to consider:

To start us off, lets go to to see an NZAIF member (named as Hauturu) in full uniform. Sure looks like an army member, although it isn't an official army, thereby making it...wait...hold on...oh, thats right, thereby making it a militia.

Now, I know, Kelvyn, that you argued at the time that you were not a militia because you were the "legally recognized and constituted Armed Forces, with the Maori Government of Aotearoa (New Zealand)" (Quote from the official NZAIF website, FAQ section, December 14th 2001). Unfortunately, that doesn't wash in my book, and I doubt it would in the minds of any of the other readers of this.

One defense official was quoted saying about the NZAIF: "The Armed Intervention Force is the biggest threat to New Zealand's security since World War 2. As threats go, it beats the shit out of Indonesia."

When NZAIF member Jason Thompson was arrested on weapons charges, he had to be flanked by 10 heavily armed police in court because of fears that the NZAIF would break him out.

Police described the NZAIF as "an odd mix of White supremacists and Maori radicals", and Kelvyn, I do believe you once told Ian Wishart that you were a "Maori basher from way back". Doesn't bode well for your non-racist credentials, does it?

Speaking of racism, thats reminds me of our friend Kyle Chapman. Now, he was leading the National Front for a long time, and I hope you won't deny they were a racist group. He left, not because he wasn't a racist, but rather simply because he couldn't handle the pressure. Are we to expect, then, that in the week or so between his leaving the National Front and his joining the Direct Democracy party, he had a total change of views? Somehow, that just doesn't sound likely...

Like I said though, I'll let the other readers of this site answer those questions for themselves.

Before I go, I'll just repeat a question I asked earlier which I would like you to answer:

I wouldn't vote for a party that has a candidate who committed arson on a Marae and planted a (fake) bomb at a about you?

Posted by Asher : 7/30/2005 07:42:00 PM

Once again I see you have decided to pick and choose from what sources you derive the content of your argument. Allow me once again to enlighten you as to a few facts that you, conveniently (as usual) have chosen not to include; most likely because you are void of any real intelligence sources and therefore must ferret around scrounging any piece of material you find on websites. Sad but true.

1) You are correct in saying that at one time (due to ignorance) I was a Maori basher and could not understand what they were constantly moaning about. Of course I discovered a few truths that opened my eyes and I had a complete paradigm shift in that respect.

2) As for the remark that the NZAIF was “an oddball mix of white supremacists and Maori radicals” surely even you can not be that thick Asher, for it is an oxymoron and doesn’t work does it? No is the answer. Besides let’s say by some long stretch of the imagination, that it was the case, wouldn’t that be called balance?

3) This statement of yours is very interesting and as I have said once v=before Asher, just the facts please, just the facts!! - “Now, I know, Kelvyn, that you argued at the time that you were not a militia because you were the "legally recognized and constituted Armed Forces, with the Maori Government of Aotearoa (New Zealand)" (Quote from the official NZAIF website, FAQ section, December 14th 2001). Unfortunately, that doesn't wash in my book, and I doubt it would in the minds of any of the other readers of this”. - Please enlighten us with your vast knowledge of law as to how a military outfit of any descript can advertise for soldiers without any legal action and how come at no stage have I ever been sentenced for anything in relation to any activities in relation to such?

Again Asher I await your “expert” evidence (not your opinion).

4) I would also like you to answer this simple question also, by drawing on your vast knowledge of Foreign Affairs. Why would the New Zealand Government threaten the Solomon Islands Government through the New Zealand High Commissioner Heather Riddell, by informing them that if they continued to validate a Maori Passport I was travelling on (successfully I might add), they would withdrawal the $3 Million Dollars of aid that kept their Secondary Schools open?

Surely if the Maori Government at that time (although I do not vouch for the current make up) were “illegal” or in any way one that “doesn’t wash in your book” they would have been closed down and I would certainly have been arrested for using fraudulent documents right? – Again you know very little of the real world Asher.

5) Now I see you have a real problem with Kyle Chapman? Do you similarly have a problem with our Chinese Candidate, or how about our Cook Islands candidate? NO? Neither does Kyle, so unless he is one hell of an actor, he would not be able to contain racial overtones for too long if it were indeed deep seeded would he? I have seen people have a complete change of views from one day to the next, as all it takes is that one piece, that seems to make perfect sense to them and they change.

I don’t see people laughing at those once considered evil people who have a “vision” or a “revelation” that suddenly turns them into upstanding citizens. So why it is beyond the realms of possibilities to think the same could not happen in this case. By the way, have you ever spoken to him? Or once again have you “read a website”?


It seems you are not the only one that can use a dictionary. However as usual you fail to cover the full meaning of the word, and instead choosing that which suits your purpose at the time. Like “Rich” you do the reader a disservice by showing the lack of understanding that is fast becoming your trade mark.

[n] A group of citizen soldiers enrolled for military service, which serves full time only in emergencies.

a group of men who drilled on a regular basis and were considered the community's first line of defence to protect the community as a whole. In most communities, the militia elected its own officers, and the quality of militia varied from community to community.

a part of the organized armed forces of a country called upon in times of crisis

organized armed forces of an area subject to a call to arms in an emergency

A militia is a group of citizens organized to provide paramilitary service. The word can have four slightly different meanings:* An official reserve army, composed of non-professional soldiers* The national police forces in the Russia, and other CIS countries, and the Soviet Union: Militsiya* The entire able-bodied population of a state, which can be called to arms against an invading enemy* A private, non-government force, not necessarily directly supported or sanctioned by the government.

All of the above contributed to the word Militia.

So what is wrong with a Militia anyway? Your buddy Helen has destroyed any real Defence Force we may have had and the others are overseas fighting illegal wars in the quest for resources to shore up an economy constantly teetering on the edge of collapse (but you knew that too right?). SO I think people might be very glad if shit hits the fan and all of a sudden they have people there ready to defend them; yes even you Asher, even you.

As for your signing off question of “I wouldn't vote for a party that has a candidate who committed arson on a Marae and planted a (fake) bomb at a about you?” It would certainly be hard for you considering you have stated you live in Wellington, and he is a Christchurch East Candidate. As for me, No as I am in Manurewa, so I guess we both will be voting elsewhere wont we?

Oh and as for living with my Mother, No I don’t, however one thing that you (as usual) did not get told, was I moved my family into my Mothers a few days before I was shipping out overseas again, so they would be well looked after. Yes the readers should be able to gauge your intelligence potential.

I have a Partner and 5 children Asher, and I live in a rather nice house thanks all the same. Tell you what, I am in Wellington next week (but I bet you knew that aye?) so how about I come and see you then, how would that be?

Kelvyn Alp
Party Leader
Direct Democracy Party

Posted by Anonymous : 7/30/2005 11:47:00 PM

Well I will give the guy one thing, he is a very intelligent person.

If I were you Asher, I certainly would not want to look any more of a fool than you already do.

Hell if you don't like them, dont vote for them, but at least I can see that what we have all be told is not what is the reality, worth thinking about isn't it?

Do you really trust the Government, or the bloody media for that matter?

Posted by Anonymous : 7/31/2005 12:10:00 AM

3 brief comments:

1 - First you say you werent a militia, now you say you are...what else are you going to change your mind about Kelvyn?

2 - My buddy Helen? If you use a phrase like that, you've got no reason to complain about any mistakes I may make in my research. A simple glance at my blog will show you that I identify as an anarchist, and will also show you photos from when I protested outside the Labour party congress earlier this year, making me anything but a buddy of Helens.

3 - I would love to meet with you. Expect an email later tonight to organise it.

Posted by Asher : 8/03/2005 03:46:00 PM

Here we go again. READ the post Asher and get it right. I asked you what is wrong with a Militia anyway. Did I say I am or was in a Militia? NO I did NOT.

I also said that you would be glad that people were there that would defend you if shit hit the fan, so where in there does it say "Asher, I am in a Militia"? - I simply pointed out that it seems you are not the only one that can use a dictionary Asher and I contributed more to the word that you so cheaply portrayed.

Again, you portrayed me as changing my mind, yet no such occurrence is evident in anyway.

You are only young, so I understand your misinformed state, I also apologise for causing you undue stress or harm that may have resulted in publicly associating you with Helen.

I also congratulate you if you did protest outside the Labour Party congress. I look forward to the e-mail. It is 2326hrs and no e-mail as yet.

Posted by Anonymous : 8/03/2005 11:27:00 PM

The email has been sent (11:46pm) - I am rather busy, which is why I said later tonight, as I knew I would not have time for a while...

I look forward to your reply.

Posted by Asher : 8/03/2005 11:41:00 PM

E-mail received, acknowledged and responded to.

Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous : 8/04/2005 12:38:00 AM