Monday, July 11, 2005


Work Without End has posted their submission on the Employment Relations (Flexible Working Hours) Amendment Bill. Submissions are due Wednesday, so I'm busy putting together something at the last minute (as usual).

Key reasons I support the bill include

  • it makes it easier for parents to juggle work and family, and therefore encourages them to join (or stay in) the workforce rather than dropping out;
  • it promotes the idea of work/life balance generally, and will hopefully lead to a greater recognition of it in areas other than parenthood;
  • it recognises the value of parenting. I am not a "family values" person, but I do recognise that the more time and effort expended in kids, the better. If they are to have a decent start in life, we need to at least make that possible, rather than having employment relationships which actively work against it.

One change I will be suggesting to the bill is expanding it to include anyone with a significant caregiver responsibility - such as those caring for sick or elderly family members.

Now all I have to do is flesh this out into something I can send away...