Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Pretender

David Slack plugs this show today, and I have to agree. It's like a political version of "The Office" or "The Games", following the campaign of Denis Plant, the helpless National party candidate for the fictional seat of Wakatipu South. Plant is an arsehole, and it is unrelentingly cruel towards him and the National Party - but then, we'd hardly watch a show about a likeable politician, would we? Anyway, I heartily reccommend watching it for its remaining episode(s).

Naturally, being a good home-grown show, its buried in a late-night time-slot where no-one will see it.


i love this show, but i missed one episode. i really hope they release it to buy at some point, although they don't seem to do that with nz shows at all :-( the final is this weekend!!

Posted by Span : 9/13/2005 02:55:00 PM

Maybe they haven't released too many NZ shows on DVD because not many have merited it.

But I'm with Span and Idiot. I think The Pretender is the best attempt at a sitcom we've had in NZ in recent memory.

Evidently your mileage may vary depending on your sense of humour though...

Posted by Jarrod : 9/13/2005 05:10:00 PM

How long before people start referring to Brian Connell as the member for Wakatipu South?

Posted by Nigel Kearney : 9/13/2005 05:46:00 PM

I thought it was a documentary when I first saw the programme. They've got the Nats down to a tee. Why are all those JAFAs voting for them?

Posted by Anonymous : 9/15/2005 10:18:00 AM