Monday, January 08, 2007

Fiji: simple thuggery

It seems that the Fijian military have moved on from beating and killing their critics to simple thuggery, with the attack on a visiting British Army officer yesterday. According to the Fiji Times,

[T]he victim and a friend who is a police officer were returning from a nightclub in Suva when their taxi driver stopped at a military checkpoint.

The driver allegedly told the soldiers that his two passengers were making fun of them.

He said his son and the police officer told the driver to stop lying and take them home but by then the military officers had opened the door of the vehicle and took the two men up to the army camp for interrogation.

The man was beaten so severely he was judged medically unfit to travel by A&E doctors. He had been planning to return to the UK on Wdnesday. Still, at least he came out alive...