Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Pravda moment

One of the signs of a shitty government is the excuses it uses to cover its embarrassments. And the Iraqi government has just come up with one of the worst ever with its claim that the hanging of Saddam Hussein was infiltrated by militias. Consider it for a minute: the hanging was carried out at a secret location under maximum security. And we're supposed to believe that "militias and outsiders" simply walked in without a fight and took over the execution in order to inflame sectarian tensions?

Pull the other one - it reads Pravda.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi government claims to have arrested a guard over the video. But as with Abu Ghraib the crime seems not so much to be the abuse as the fact that it was all recorded for posterity. If they're truly concerned about "inflaming sectarian tensions", maybe they should be looking at the guards and government officials who abused and taunted the man whose neck they were about to break, rather than just the man who videoed it.