Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sadly its only fiction

Hot on the heels of Death of a President comes a British offering: The Trial of Tony Blair, a satire exploring the possibility of Blair being put on trial for his decision to invade Iraq. sadly it is only fiction, but in the Guardian Philippe Sands (author of Lawless World) points out some of the possible ways by which it could become reality. While he's cynical about the prospects of there ever being justice for Iraq, he also points out that a surprising number of countries have incorporated the international crime of aggression into domestic law (sadly, the UK is not one of them). Which means that if he wants to avoid being Pinocheted in future, Blair will be forced to heed the same advice followed by Kissinger and now Rumsfeld: don't travel.

It's not justice, and its nowhere near enough. But the thought of one of the world's current leaders being forced to live a hunted existence for fear of being dragged into court and made to answer for his crimes does give me a certain amount of pleasure.