Tuesday, January 23, 2007

World to US: "you suck"

At least according to this international poll by the BBC World Service. The interesting thing is that an increasing number of Americans are beginning to agree, with the number of Americans who believe their country is having a positive influence on the world dropping to 57% - six points down on last year, and 14 points down on two years ago. Globally, the only continent the US seems to have friends is Africa - mainly because they haven't bombed anyone there recently (the survey was taken before the US's recent attacks on Somalia). Everywhere else the prevailing opinion (with the odd exception like Italy and the Philippines) is negative. Even their loyal toadies the Australians don't like the direction things have gone in or the messes they have been dragged into - which will hopefully spell trouble for John Howard later in the year.

The full survey results are here [PDF].