Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Shorter New Zealand Pacific Business Council

"Fuck the morals, does it make any money?"

And businessmen wonder why people think they are sociopaths...


Whose morals are you fucking? If they belong to the NZ government - then good. Pacific peoples have their own sense of morality.

Posted by Anonymous : 1/24/2007 12:00:00 PM

Sort of agree with you in principle, but given NZ is currently pursuing free trade agreements with both China and the USA, isn't it the height of hypocrisy to try and try and make some sort of moral stand on trade with Fiji?

Posted by Anonymous : 1/24/2007 02:02:00 PM

Unilateral sanctions against Fiji from NZ would be bad for NZ and ineffective against Fji - sanctions do not work unless they are truly multi-lateral. (Think Cuba) The PBC is merely pointing this out. They are not evil, just worried about their member's livelihoods.

Posted by Anonymous : 1/24/2007 07:44:00 PM

I've never seen the point to trade sanctions.

Sanctions against Governments, sure ... e.g. prohibiting the Fijian army from participating in peacekeeping forces, travel restrictions on ministers participating in the coup, etc.

But why prohibit the citizens of that country from trading freely? Not only do you harm those people, you also harm those in your own country who would prefer to be trading with them.

For the record, I'm opposed to trade sanctions against Cubans, too.

Posted by Duncan Bayne : 1/25/2007 09:16:00 AM

The other comments seem to have missed the point. The Business council is recommending that NZ stop its condemnation of the Fiji coup, and its punitive measures (travel restrictions etc), because Fiji will respond with trade sanctions. The NZ govt is not considering trade sanctions at this time. The business council are saying, quite explicitly that NZ should not condemn Bainarama or the coup leaders because it might endanger trade. This is an amoral position, shocking in its complete disregard for democracy here and in Fiji.

Posted by Anonymous : 1/25/2007 10:08:00 AM

wondering kiwi,

You're right - upon a re-reading of their comments, they are in fact criticizing the NZ Government for their criticism of the coup in Fiji.

In that case, fuck 'em. Hopefully they'll have the misfortune to say something to offend Bananarama the next time they're over in Suva.

Posted by Duncan Bayne : 1/25/2007 12:27:00 PM

The amorality is that the NZ government does not have the strength of its convictions.

The NZ government should have invoked trade sanctions to reinforce the principles it supposedly avows - democracy, free speech, rule of law..blah blah.

That it hasn't done so reflects politics not principles. Fucking around with visas etc is simply a bitchslap. Bainaramara has every reason bitchslap back. Though I think its more of a punch.

Posted by Anonymous : 1/25/2007 02:06:00 PM


I disagree - for trade sanctions not only hurt Fijians who depend upon trade for their livelihoods, they also hurt New Zealanders who trade with Fiji.

Posted by Duncan Bayne : 1/25/2007 02:46:00 PM