Thursday, July 10, 2008

Climate change: the Royal Society speaks out

The Royal Society of New Zealand is this country's pre-eminent scientific body. It has been studying climate change since the formation of the New Zealand Climate Committee in 1988. Today, as part of their ongoing contribution to public debate, they issued a clear, unambiguous statement on the threat posed by climate change and what we have to do about it. The summary:

The globe is warming because of increasing greenhouse gas emissions. Measurements show that greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere are well above levels seen for many thousands of years. Further global climate changes are predicted, with impacts expected to become more costly as time progresses. Reducing future impacts of climate change will require substantial reductions of greenhouse gas emissions.
There is (naturally) a lot more detail there as well. And like Hot Topic, I'll be interested in seeing how the New Zealand Climate "Science" Clowns respond. Maybe with a monkey on a bicycle?