Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Labour wins another argument

National has finally spoken out on what passes for its housing policy, and committed to maintaining non-market rents. I guess Labour has won that argument then. They've also committed to maintaining the existing state housing stock, while giving tenants (but not outside speculators) a "right to buy" - a policy I don't mind at all, particularly since any revenue will be used to fund further purchases. so, an essentially status quo policy - not what's needed, but a far cry from the wholesale selloff they did during the 90's.

The downside is that by refusing to commit to meeting the demand for social housing by growing the state housing stock, they're effectively committing to overcrowding, poor health outcomes, and all the other ills that come from people not having a proper home. Not to mention the continued subsidy of landlords through the accommodation supplement. But National probably regards the latter as a feature rather than a bug.