Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The UK's New Labour government - frequently derided as "Tories in drag" - is planning a state funeral for Britain's most hated woman. On the plus side, it will at least give her victims a final chance to throw excrement and rotten fruit at her as she goes past, but really, this is not a person any country should be honouring. She deliberately drove millions into poverty and destroyed British society in pursuit of a demented dream of unfettered capitalism. Her economic "successes" (if you can call them that) were won over the bodies of the poor. And that makes her a criminal, not a hero.

Thatcher's friend Pinochet (and this is a case where you really can judge someone by the company they keep) had to be cremated and buried in secret to prevent people from digging him up and desecrating the corpse. Mrs Thatcher would be wise to do the same, lest she suffer the same fate as Milosevic...