Monday, July 07, 2008


08 Wire's launch article included this little snippet:

Some analysis is sensationalized. Like David “cut-and-paste / cut-and-paste / I’m-drunk-again! / cut-and-paste / short-spin-piece / hooters!” Farrar, or the various “fuck you!” “no, fuck you!” stoushes that now pass for broadcast-based political commentary. But it’s almost always shallow and disappointing.

Other analysis is serious. Like No Right Turn’s earnest yet mainly unnecessary exploration of obscure bills that won’t pass...

While the potted summary of DPF's sewer seems fairly accurate, I should point out that I also spend a fair amount of time exploring unobscure bills like the Electoral Finance Act and ETS, and more importantly, on obscure bills which will pass, like the Immigration Bill, asset forfeiture bill, and Organised Crime (Penalties and Sentencing) Bill - bills which have very real implications for the state of freedom in this country, and which people should arguably pay a lot more attention to. But obviously, none of that is as important as dishing up the partisan red meat.

Still, at least they recognise that substance is important, and they have some of their own. It's just a shame they don't show much of it on their front page.

(Hat tip: Lance Wiggs)