Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This'll be interesting

Rodney Hide has complained to the Serious Fraud Office about Winston Peters' donations. This'll be interesting. If the SFO begins an investigation (and the Bob Jones donation would seem to be a prima facie case), then under the precedent she's set for herself in the David Benson-Pope and David Parker cases, she will have to stand Peters down for the duration, or face allegations of inconsistency and pandering. And either could cost her her government in the short or long term.

Meanwhile, I think John Key can just kiss goodbye any chance of a post-election deal with NZ First. But National clearly doesn't want one - again, they're aiming for majority government or nothing, and would love to drive Winston out of Parliament. But if they're unsuccessful in the latter (and remember, Winston feeds off persecution), this could backfire significantly in a few months time.