Sunday, September 07, 2008

United Future's List

United Future has released its party list. There's been a lot of turnover since last election, which is understandable given that the party has schismed and shed its alliance with Outdoor Recreation, but one thing hasn't changed: the list is overwhelmingly white and male, with even less diversity than National. On the plus side, they've put two of their female candidates - sitting MP Judy Turner and party president Denise Krum - in very winnable positions, but overall, its not a very impressive showing. And OTOH, culturally, United Future represents the past. Which I guess makes its name false advertising.

As with other parties, I've done a table showing the top candidates relative placements with last time.

2008 RankName2005 RankDifference
1Hon Peter Dunne10
2Judy Turner20
3Denise Krum----
4Graeme Reeves10+6
5Selio Solomon----
6Murray Smith60
7Neville Wilson14+7
8Frank Owen----
9Janet Tuck8-1
10Karuna Muthu----
11Robin Loomes27+16
12Greg Graydon30+19
13Damian Light----
14Vanessa Roberts25+11
15Aaron Galey-Young----
16Ian McInnes17+1
17Kelleigh Sheffield-Cranstoun----
18Brian Ward----
19Vaughan Smith----
20Jim Stowers----
21Bryan Mockridge----
22Jayati Prasad24+2

Further details for most candidates can be found here.