Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fiji's torturing army

In January 2007, a month after the Fijian coup, a group of men were detained by the Fijian army on suspicion of buying marijuana. One of them, Sakiusa Rabaka Ligaiviu, ended up dead. Today, the trial of his killers has revealed graphic details of the torture conducted by the Fijian army:

Mr Saunaqali said they were told to strip to their underwear and made to run to three points at which three of the accused were waiting to whip them.

When they failed to keep up with the pace, they were beaten.

They were made to duck-walk carrying a piece of timber. They were also made to crawl on their stomachs without using their arms.

They were beaten and kicked though out.

But the torture wasn't just physical. The good Christian boys of the Fijian Army also took a page from the US's book, and included some forced homosexual sex:
He said that was when a vehicle arrived with one of their friends in it. He was unconscious.

Saunaqali said Nayacalagilagi ordered him and another friend to perform oral sex on their unconscious friend.

Rather than ensuring these soldiers were held to account, the Fijian military repeatedly obstructed the investigation, then attempted to spirit them out of the country on a UN peacekeeping mission. Fortunately, they were unsuccessful. But the consclusion is inescapable: the Fijian military approves of torture and murder. And you have to wonder what they're going to do if these soldiers are convicted.