Monday, April 26, 2010

An alternative Auckland

In a major speech today, Labour leader Phil Goff presented his vision for the future of Auckland. In the process, he made some very specific policy promises for the Auckland supercity:

  • real power for local boards;
  • letting Auckland decide its own corporate structure, rather than having it dictated by Rodney Hide;
  • banning the privatisation of Auckland's assets without a referendum;
  • a review of ward boundaries to remove undemocratic multi-member constituencies;
  • a seat in Cabinet committees for Auckland's mayor on Auckland issues.
This is a positive alternative vision for Auckland. Its more democratic and more local than that espoused by Hide, and gives Aucklanders more control over their own city. Which is exactly the opposite of what Hide wants - as with ECan, his "reforms" are aimed squarely at reducing democratic control, and placing essential functions out of the reach of citizens and handing them over to corporate bodies so the "right" (for the right) decisions are made.