Saturday, April 17, 2010

No justice in China

In 2008, Lin Xiuying's daughter died after being gang-raped. The police swiftly closed the investigation, saying "nothing to see here, move along". So she turned to the internet, posting videos to try and pressure the police to re-open the case. Today, three people who had helped her do that were jailed:

Three men have been jailed in China's Fujian province after posting material online on behalf of a woman trying to investigate her daughter's death.

Fan Yanqiong, Wu Huaying and You Jingyou were found guilty of slander and harming state interests, in a trial which attracted protests outside court.

They had posted videos online in which the woman said her daughter died after being raped by thugs linked to police.

The police had said the woman died due to complications with a pregnancy.

This is absolutely appalling, and one thing is clear: there is no justice in China.