Thursday, April 29, 2010

Calling a bigot a bigot

The election news from the UK is all about "bigotgate" - Prime Minister Gordon Brown's "gaffe" in being caught on an open microphone calling a Labour supporter a "bigoted woman" to his aides. Brown was forced to apologise on the radio, and then personally. But looking at what the woman actually said, he shouldn't have. After spouting the usual prejudices about the unemployed, she then went on

"You can't say anything about the immigrants because you're saying that you're … but all these eastern European what are coming in, where are they flocking from?"
So, complaining about immigration, and eastern Europeans (in NZ it would be "Asians") "flocking" in. Brown was right - this woman is a bigoted racist. And his only gaffe was in not calling her that to her face.