Friday, November 19, 2010

The cost of the Supercity

When the National government foisted SuperAuckland upon us, it claimed it would save money. The Auckland Transitional Agency even put a number on this saving: $37 million, net of transition costs.


The cost of running the new Auckland Council has risen despite 1200 jobs being cut when eight councils were merged into the one super-city.


However, figures from the new council show that even after cutting the jobs, the merger costs alone will add nearly one per cent to rates, Radio New Zealand said this morning.

So, congratulations, Aucklanders - you're paying an extra 1% in rates to pay for Rodney Hide's failed attempt to wrap your city up in a big blue ribbon and give it to John Banks. And now you'll be treated to the sight of him disclaiming all responsibility, and saying that its all your own fault for being "wasteful", despite the fact that it was his handpicked crony in charge of the transition.