Monday, November 22, 2010

National's health cuts bite in Taihape

In the 2008 election, National promised "better, sooner, more convenient health care", with cuts to "back office" staff to "boost the front line". Even when they've been delivering sub-inflation funding rises, effectively cutting health funding in real terms, they've stuck to this mantra, promising that none of it would hurt the front line or result in reduced services.

To the people of Taihape, that must seem like a cruel joke. They're losing their hospital, including elderly, community health and maternity services, thanks to government health cuts. In their case, "better, faster, more convenient health care" will mean having to travel one and a half hours to Whanganui for basic services.

This is what National does: cuts services to fund tax cuts for their mates. Today, the people of Taihape are paying the price. Tomorrow, it could be you.