Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A useful resource

I love using legislation.govt.nz, but I keep running into a problem: sometimes I need to look at an older Act which has been repealed. And these just aren't in the database. KnowledgeBasket has some, but it doesn't include anything repealed before 1987 or so. Which means there is a vast gap in our online law.

Parliament has just filled that gap, putting the entire corpus of historical Acts back to 1841 online. You can access them here. So if you want to see what the Electoral Act 1893 (which gave women the vote) or the War Regulations Continuance Act 1920 (which extended wartime sedition laws into peacetime) or the Clutha Development (Clyde Dam) Empowering Act 1982 (which granted permission for the Clyde Dam by legislative fiat) looks like, now you can.