Monday, November 08, 2010

More than unwise

Yesterday, we learned that the SAS had been hosting "training days" for wealthy business executives with penis-size problems who wanted to play with guns and think of themselves as "elite". For $500 a head, they got to play with guns and hang around with soldiers. This has been subjected to well-deserved scorn and ridicule, and the Minister has called it "unwise" and promised a review. So he should. Because if you look at what happened to the money, we're actually looking at something rather serious:

Defence said proceeds would go to the NZSAS Trust, established in 2004 to support families of agents and their families.
Think about that for a moment. A bunch of government employees abused government resources to solicit funds for their regimental slush fund, from which they and their families would personally benefit. That's not just "unwise" - it is corrupt.