Thursday, November 04, 2010

Garrett's lies and the SST's hypocrisy

ACT MP David Garrett resigned from Parliament in September, and it looks like we were well rid of him. Documents released today show conclusively that he lied to a court in 2005 by covering up his Tongan assault conviction:

"Since being admitted [to the bar] in 1992, I have committed no criminal offence nor had any disciplinary proceedings brought against me either in New Zealand or Tonga," Mr Garrett, a former lawyer, told the court in 2005, the documents reveal.

"The worst I could be accused of is incurring some parking and speeding fines," he said.

Its not perjury because it wasn't under oath. But it shows what a scumbag Garrett was.

Meanwhile, the Sensible Sentencing Trust's hypocrisy is also exposed. In any other case involving identity theft, the SST would have been howling for the accused's head. But SST spokesperson Garth McVicar personally vouched for Garrett. I guess they see criminal offending differently if the offender is rich, white, and one of them...