Thursday, February 09, 2012

In the ballot XLII

Another batch of Member's Bills currently in the ballot. Previous batches are indexed here:

Commerce (Code of Practice for Supermarket Grocery Suppliers) Amendment Bill (Steffan Browning): would amend the Commerce Act to require the development of a Code of Practice for Supermarket Grocery Suppliers in order to limit restrictive trade practices and the abuse of the supermarket giants oligopoly powers. The Code would be overseen by a Supermarket Adjudicator. The legislation is based on a similar regime in the UK.

Continental Shelf (Oil Exploration Safety) Amendment Bill (Moana Mackey): amends the Continental Shelf Act 1964 to require the use of blowout preventers as a condition of any oil exploration or mining permit. The bill will be made redundant by the eventual passage of the Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf (Environmental Effects) Bill.

Summary Offences (Possession of Hand-held Lasers) Amendment Bill (Cam Calder): would ban the possession of hand-held lasers in public places without reasonable excuse, exactly as for knives. There is no power threshold, so it applies to keychains and pocket laser pointers as well as high-powered lasers which can be used to target aircraft.

As usual, I'll have more bills as I acquire them.