Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In the ballot XLIV

Another batch of Member's Bills currently in the ballot. Previous batches are indexed here:

Income Tax (Universalisation of In-work Tax Credit) Amendment Bill (Metiria Turei): does what it says on the label: universalises the "in-work" tax credit. This would have a significant effect in reducing child poverty, as well as removing discrimination from the law-books.

Land Transport (Safer Alcohol Limits for Driving) Amendment Bill (Iain Lees-Galloway): would lower breath- and blood-alcohol limits to levels consistent with international best-practice. The breath-alcohol limit would be reduced from 400 to 250 micrograms per lie of breath, and the blood-alcohol limit from 80 to 50 milligrams per 100mls. This is expected to significantly reduce drink-driving fatalities, perhaps by as much as two-thirds.

Prohibition of Gang Insignia in Government Premises Bill (Todd McClay): Another "tough on crime" signalling exercise, which would ban the wearing of gang patches or other insignia in any government premises (including government departments, local bodies, crown entities, schools, and hospitals - but not courts or police stations). It will be interesting to see if this attracts a section 7 report under the BORA.

As usual, I'll have more bills as I acquire them.