Thursday, February 02, 2012


Scoop's Lyndon Hood has been forced to resign from Parliament's press gallery after being caught spying in David Shearer's office yesterday:

Hood was among a number of journalists waiting in the office for an interview with Mr Shearer yesterday afternoon, and was spotted taking photos of documents on the leader's desk by a Labour Party press secretary.
On the one hand, I want journalists who vigorously seek out the truth (which will usually be embarrassing to a politician). OTOH, in order to do that, they need access to those politicians, which in turn means being able to be trusted around their offices. Pulling this sort of stunt naturally endangers that access - and not just for the journalist in question, but for everyone (AIUI, Labour has already banned journalists from their offices without an escort; this incident will cement that decision)...

...which means it better be worth it. If Scoop doesn't have a "Shock Shearer baby-eating plans" exclusive tomorrow, then they've just pissed their access away for nothing. Heckuva job, guys; you've just made it that much harder to hold our politicians to account.