Friday, February 17, 2012

And so its come to this...

Having screwed years of austerity out of the Greek government, the Germans are now openly discussing removing its democracy:

There were signs a group of triple A-rated governments, including Germany, Finland and the Netherlands, were hardening their stance towards Athens. During a conference call among eurozone finance ministers, the three countries suggested they may want additional letters from other smaller Greek parties and openly discussed the possibility of postponing Greek elections.

Ahead of the call, Wolfgang Schäuble, the German finance minister, said in a radio interview Greece might delay its polls and install a technocratic government that does not include politicians like Mr Venizelos and Mr Samaras, similar to the model currently in place in Italy.

And so the EU reaches its ultimate perversion. Once it was an organisation which established democracy across Europe. Now its advocating its removal, so that a people can be squeezed even harder in order to repay unpayable debts to German banks.

But while they call them "technocrats", unelected rulers imposed for the purpose of plunder have another name: tyrants. Or, more provacatively, Gauleiters. If they are lucky, they end up fleeing into exile. If they are unlucky, they end up swinging from lamp-posts.