Thursday, February 23, 2012

Winning hearts and minds again

Last week, some redneck American soldier in Afghanistan decided that prisoners at Bagram were using the Koran to "send messages". So he confiscated all copies and had them incinerated. The remains were thrown out with the trash, where they were discovered by Afghan labourers. And today, predictably, Afghanistan is in flames. Six people are dead already, and more are likely to follow.

This is how the US wins hearts and minds in Afghanistan. This is how it "stabilises" the country: by setting off riots. Heckuva job, guys.

Meanwhile, this stupidity hasn't just endangered the Americans, but everyone associated with them. While the SAS are returning home any day now, we still have a Provincial Reconstruction Team in Bamyan. And thanks to the clueless, bigoted Americans, their lives are now in danger. With friends like these, we don't really need enemies - because they'll create them for us.