Monday, November 09, 2015

Being a decent human being is now "terrorism"

The latest terror threat according to the UK? Helping refugees:

British volunteers on a humanitarian aid run to refugees in Calais were detained by police under legislation meant to be used against suspected terrorists, an aid group has told the Independent.

Two people working with the London2Calais group said they were stopped and held for three hours under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 while returning to the UK at Calais.


London2Calais, which has raised around £13,000 on the crowd funding website IndieGoGo, has run a number of convoys delivering aid to refugees trapped on the other side of the channel.

The group has since August distributed thousands of food packages at “the Jungle” refugee camp and says it has also delivered clothes, sleeping bags, a water pump, and a power generator intended to be used for a school located in the camp.

Schedule 7 powers allow people to be stopped and searched at the UK border to determine if they are a "terrorist" - that is, someone who has committed or is preparing to commit various offences relating to membership of, funding, or support for a terrorist group. The subtext: the British state either thinks refugees are terrorists, or that aid groups are. Or, to put it another way: being a decent human being is now defined as "terrorism" in Britain. Which, given that their establishment has been deliberately inculcated with sociopathy by their private schools, is sadly unsurprising.

This is a disgusting abuse of anti-terrorist powers to harass and criminalise those attempting to assist with an appalling humanitarian crisis the British state has helped cause and now seems intent on turning its back on. But isn't that so very, very British?