Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Trans-Tasman relations

How much damage is Australia's indefinite detention of (frequently innocent) New Zealanders in its offshore gulags doing to Australian-New Zealand relations? This much:

A group of activists protesting the detainment of New Zealanders on Christmas Island have stormed the Australian Consulate in Auckland.

About 50 protesters were present at Wednesday's demonstration.

An agreement had been made that the group was allowed to protest peacefully outside the Consulate in downtown Auckland and one person was allowed to come onto the grounds to hand over a document at the end of the demonstration.

However, a group of about 20 protesters followed that person through the open gates and entered the building.

They stood in the building's atrium yelling "shame" and "stand up and fight back when human rights are under attack".

Australia is what we think of as our closest neighbour, our best friend. And now, they've made themselves so reviled that people are storming their consulates. But then, that's what happens when people open their eyes and realise that Australia really isn't the place it once was, and that its now an angry violent bullying drunk of a country - and nobody's friend anymore.