Wednesday, November 04, 2015

More fraud from Volkswagen

First, Volkswagen was found to be cheating on their particulate emissions tests from their disel cars. Now, they've admitted cheating on CO2 emissions as well:

The crisis at Volkswagen has deepened after the carmaker found “irregularities” in the carbon dioxide levels emitted by 800,000 of its cars.

An internal investigation into the diesel emissions scandal has discovered that CO2 and fuel consumption were also “set too low during the CO2 certification process”, the company admitted on Tuesday night.

The dramatic admission raises the prospect that VW not only cheated on diesel emissions tests but CO2 and fuel consumption too.

VW said it estimated the “economic risks” of the latest discovery at €2bn (£1.42bn). The company said the “majority” of cars involved have a diesel engine, which implies that petrol cars are involved in the scandal for the first time.

The diesel emissions fraud was clearly pre-meditated, and it looks like this is too. So we have a company with an institutional culture of trying to cheat its way around the law and basic vehicle environmental standards rather than comply with them. And it needs to be held to account for that, by fining it into bankruptcy if necessary.