Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fiji: More torture

Another story of torture in Fiji - and once again its the police who are responsible:

Rajneel Singh writhed in pain on his Lautoka Hospital bed last night

The wounds on his body told a gruesome story.

They were slowly healing but Mr Singh, 32, still felt unbearable pain.

It comes admist claims Mr Singh found details of plans to destabilise the Government on a computer in his internet cafe.

The Lautoka internet cafĂ© owner claimed some Police officers then “tortured” him using “hot rods” and dumped him in a pine forest between Nadi and Sigatoka.

The criss-cross scars on his back (see photo), and burn marks on his hands and legs appear consistent with Mr Singh’s story.

Later, he alleged, officers wanted him to change his statement to say the scars were self-inflicted. He declined and called acting Police Commissioner Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho. He is now being guarded by military officers and Police officers from Suva have been sent to investigate his claims.

Fiji really needs to clean up its police force and start jailing torturers. But with the military back in charge, that's looking unlikely.