Thursday, June 25, 2009

The cycleway joke continues

The government's plan for a "national cycleway" is coming under scrutiny at select committee. And unfortunately, they're again turning up a gaping informational void:

“Associate Tourism Minister Jonathan Coleman today confirmed that there is no information available regarding the Prime Minister’s cycleway.

“After 20 minutes of questioning at a select committee today, Mr Coleman confirmed that so far no jobs have been created, no great rides have been selected and that no criterion for the selection of great rides is available.

“He also confirmed that no thought had been given to funding any promotion of the cycleway once it was finally established, that there was no money for any ongoing maintenance and that the Government may be required to put in further funds down the track.

Remember, the government is spending $50 million of your money on this monument to John Key's ego - money it could be using for better things like health care and education - but it seems to have no plan beyond getting the initial headlines. It hasn't done any cost-benefit analysis (something which should be the starting point for any significant funding decision), and now it seems to have abandoned its own timetable for beginning the project. Either that, or the Prime Minister is going to pull the initial selection of "great rides" out of his arse, like he has the rest of the policy.