Tuesday, June 09, 2009

More vile discrimination

Immigration has done it again, kicking out a Lithuanian tourist because she was pregnant, despite health complications which now make it dangerous to travel. So, not only should women not come here as students - they should not come here as tourists either, just in case, y'know, they get pregnant or something. You can just imagine how that will play in our tourist markets.

This is a vile, discriminatory, misogynistic and fundamentally immoral policy, which is not in keeping with our liberal and humane values (or even simple decency). It's also getting us into some pretty nasty territory. Immigration is basically offering pregnant women a choice between abortion or deportation, and you don't need to be a "pro-lifer" to regard that as a monstrous intrusion into an area the state has no business coercing people in.

Update: And just after I do my nut, I read that they've allowed her to stay. Which is a great outcome in this case, but its the general policy we need to change.