Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hanging on by his chewed fingernails

Another day, another Ministerial resignation for Gordon Brown. This time its Environment Minister Jane Kennedy, who quit in protest against Brown's style of "government by smear" (against his own party). While Brown will find a warm body to fill the portfolio, an increasing number of rats just don't want to work on his sinking ship anymore, and I'm really wondering how long it can continue for.

Not that ditching Brown will really do any good - the death spiral is too deep to salvage the next election, and it stems from deeper problems than just the identity of the man in charge. Fundamentally, Labour has abandoned its base, preferring instead to toady to slick traders from The City - just like our Labour Party in the 80's. And just like New Zealand, they're frantically rearranging the leadership and Cabinet deckchairs rather than admitting their betrayal.

There comes a time when disgust at the incumbents wins out over fear of the alternative. UK Labour passed that point long ago. The only question now is how long they deserve to spend in opposition.