Thursday, June 18, 2009

In the ballot XXIV

Another batch of Member's Bills currently in the ballot. Previous batches are indexed here:

Customs and Excise (Prohibition of Imports Made by Slave Labour) Amendment Bill (Maryann Street): amends Schedule 1 of the Customs and Excise Act 1996 to make goods manufactured or produced wholly or in part by slave labour a prohibited import. The bill was developed by the Progressive Bills Project in response to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade committee's refusal to act on slavery.

Local Government (Protection of Auckland Assets) Amendment Bill (Phil Twyford): this bill amends the Local Government Act 2002 to forbid any Auckland local authority (including the Auckland Transitional Authority) from selling or otherwise disposing of scheduled Auckland local body assets such as Watercare, ARTA and Ports of Auckland. It originated as an amendment to the Auckland Dictatorship Bill, and has since been developed into a member's bill.

Shop Trading Hours Act Repeal (Easter Sunday Local Choice) Amendment Bill (Todd McClay): the inevitable Easter Sunday trading bill. This one follows the pattern of Steve Chadwick's bill from a few years back, and puts the decision in the hands of local authorities, allowing them to make bylaws allowing the opening of shops on Easter Sunday. It is unclear whether it requires councils to follow the special consultative procedure, or whether it includes clauses protecting employees from having to work (and shop owners from having to open) on Easter Sunday.

As usual, I'll have more bills as I acquire them.