Thursday, June 18, 2009


Today saw the first ballot for member's bills in 18 months. The following bills were drawn:

  • Sustainable Biofuel Bill (Jeanette Fitzsimons)
  • Customs and Excise (Sustainable Forestry) Amendment Bill (Catherine Delahunty)

The Green ballot mojo strikes again! Though they did make their own luck, having 9 bills out of a total slate of 24 (DPF has the full list here).

This being a new Parliament after a change of government, there were a lot of new bills. I'm hoping to cover them all in "In the Ballot" shortly.

Finally, a little gloat: the Progressive Bills Project has got its first bill in the ballot, with Maryann Street fronting the Customs and Excise (Prohibition of Imports Made by Slave Labour) Amendment Bill. Hopefully it will be the first of many.

(Thanks to the Long-nosed Potoroo for forwarding me the ballot info)

Update: If anyone is curious, the parliament website is currently frontpaging a feature on the Members’ bill ballot, including a picture of the bingo discs they use to select the bills.