Thursday, August 27, 2009

Climate change: Delayed

I spent most of yesterday waiting for the final report of the Emissions Trading Scheme Review Committee, only for it not to appear. From the discussion in Parliament today, it seems the committee wrapped up its work and agreed on its report last week, but that its publication has been delayed by the machinations of one party (ACT?) which having submitted a minority report, is now trying to change it as it negotiates with the government. Meanwhile, debate on the most important policy issue of the year is being delayed while Rodney attempts to exercise his veto again.

David Parker tried to table the report today. He wasn't allowed to, and publicly releasing it would be a breach of privilege. Fortunately, the internet has a safe, anonymous solution to this: WikiLeaks. And the sooner it shows up there, the better.

Correction: It seems the party at fault is the Maori Party, who have hastily withdrawn their minority report. It would be very interesting to see the original.