Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Due to the discharge of Lianne Dalziel's Crimes (Abolition of Defence of Provocation) Amendment Bill, a ballot for member's bills was held today, and the following bill was drawn:

  • Employment Relations (Minimum Redundancy Entitlements) Amendment Bill (Darien Fenton)
The bill implements the recommendations of the Public Advisory Group on restructuring and redundancy for legislated minimum redundancy (something which incidentally protects jobs during a recession).

Labour continued to dominate the ballot, with 15 bills out of 30. And they're still using less than half of their potential.

There was one new bill in the ballot today: the Resource Management (Enhancement of Iwi Management Plans) Amendment Bill (Nanaia Mahuta). The Greens also engaged in some shuffling, with Sue Bradford returning to her ACC bill now that her benefit appeal bill has been drawn, and Kevin Hague taking up Meyt's old Adoption (Equity) Amendment Bill (which would clarify the law around gay adoption).

Sometime soon (really! This time for sure!) I'll do another "In the ballot" post on some of the newer bills.