Friday, August 28, 2009

Why I hate the Sensible Sentencing Trust

Because they say things like this:

Criminals who hold inmates or Corrections Staff to ransom should not be negotiated with according to a Victims Advocacy Organisation.

George Baker murdered Liam Ashley in 2006 and yesterday took a fellow inmate hostage; the standoff was successfully brought to an end after police negotiated with Baker.


“There were no safety concerns prison staff or anybody else so there were a number of ways this situation could have been brought to a conclusion.”

“This was just George Baker, a criminal with 83 previous convictions including murder home invasion robbery of an elderly woman, threatening to kill, aggravated robbery and serious assault. Bakers hostage was a convicted sex offender.”

“At the end of the day we need to ask ourselves if Baker had ended up killing himself or his hostage would they have been a loss to society.”

McVicar said the answer of course is a resounding – “NO”.

And there we have it: the lives of "crims" are valueless, and we shouldn't care what happens to them. They can be killed, or allowed to die, with impunity. Criminals are the new niggers.

It seems in this case, the monsters are outside the prisons.