Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Climate change: Fossilised

So, how is our utterly pathetic 2020 climate change target going down internationally? Badly. We've just been awarded the first "fossil of the day" award at the Bonn talks for:

announcing the adoption of a completely inadequate and highly conditional 2020 target range of 10% to 20% below 1990 levels at the Plenary session of the Kyoto Protocol negotiations today. This follows comments in the New Zealand Parliament where the Government criticised small Pacific Island States for advocating for the targets needed to ensure their survival.
Yeah, way to go - that'll help our "clean and green" image.

National's target is more than just bad policy - it is an attack on our national identity, a repudiation of who we are as kiwis. If you think of our country as "clean and green", a leader on the environment, a country which "does our bit", then please let the Prime Minister know.

[Hat-tip: Sign On]